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This game is currently in development. 

Explore planets on foot, and take off to fly your ship through space! Take quests, make allies, fight celestial beasts! Being developed by Jacob Beimers

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  • Procedurally generated universe: hundreds of solar systems generated for you, complete with their own suns, planets, moons, and more!
  • Ship Editor: Create and customize your own starcraft. These items aren't only cosmetic - they will change the behavior and states of your ship
  • NPC system: Some planets are colonized by NPCS. You can talk to any NPC on these planets. You can chat about life on the planet, ask them to join you, accept quests, and more!
  • Ground to space transitions: Take off and land on planets without a cutscene!


On Foot:

  • A - Activate, Embark, Talk
  • B - Back
  • Y - Edit Ship
  • RT - Shoot
  • DPAD Up/Down - Cycle Weapons
  • Left Analog - Move Around
  • Right Analog - Aim

In Ship:

  • RT - Thrust
  • LT - Brake
  • DPAD Up/Down - Land/Take Off
  • A - Disembark
  • LB - Activate Front Equipment
  • RB - Activate Top Equipment
  • Right Analog - Look Around/Aim Top Euipment
  • Left Analog - Aim Ship Direction


The current build should only be bought if you intend to support development. This a non-production ready build of Zenix. This build is literally Jacob going , "hey what if I made a build right now?". This build is also controller only for Windows.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Zenix_GDEX.zip 74 MB


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Game looks aweesome

Thanks :D

where is trailer/video?

(1 edit)

The build is still very much in development and is under constant change. 

Here's a recent video :)